There are Better Solutions than Pet Sale Bans

Banning the sale of dogs in pet stores will not put an end to puppy mills. It will drive more prospective pet owners to illegal breeders and put responsible, regulated breeders and pet stores out of business.

Holding Breeders to a Higher Standard

One way you can help to drive puppy mills out of business is to support responsible, accredited breeders. Breeders that have been licensed by the USDA have been professionally inspected to ensure that they are able to provide humane conditions for their animals. USDA-licensed breeding facilities must be able to provide veterinary care, food, shelter, clean water, and other essentials for their animals. By choosing USDA-licensed breeders and by encouraging your friends and family to do the same, you can be sure that your pets will have had a safe, healthy upbringing while also helping to push puppy mills out of business for good.

Canine Care Certified

In addition to USDA licensing, a new voluntary accreditation program has been announced to help identify dog breeders who go above and beyond in caring for and raising their puppies. The program, Canine Care Certified, is a nationwide voluntary program that sets rigorous, science-based standards for professional breeders. The program was developed after three years of research at Purdue University’s Center for Animal Welfare Science and has been peer-reviewed by animal scientists and canine welfare experts from major academic institutions. The program establishes clear standards for breeders regarding housing, shelter, staffing, nutrition, socialization, sanitation, exercise, and veterinary care. By choosing your puppy from a Canine Care Certified breeder, you can be certain that it was raised under the best conditions with the best of care.